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With more than 520 million users and a market share of over 50 percent in the online business, Alipay is by far the largest payment platform worldwide. In the mobile payment sector, the payment network even holds a market share of 80 percent in China - four out of five Chinese who pay by mobile device thus process this payment via the payment service of the Alibaba Group, which was founded in 2004. Thanks to Nexi, tourists from China can also use Alipay in Germany and thus pay conveniently and easily with the product familiar from their home country.

How does Alipay work?

Alipay and mobile payment in general have been part of everyday life in the Middle Kingdom for years, which is due in particular to the high level of convenience offered by the mobile payment method. All that is needed for payment is a smartphone and the Alipay app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The user then enters a Chinese bank account in the app, which successfully sets up the device for payment processing via Alipay. The merchant, in turn, needs a reader that supports Alipay as a payment method.

With the Nexi Base Next and the Nexi Mobile Premium, we offer both a stationary and a mobile terminal that meet this requirement: Thanks to certified Alipay software, you can add the additional payment option to both solutions overnight at any time. No additional hardware or infrastructure is required. As soon as the software is unlocked for your device, you can process the desired transactions via the Chinese online payment service by confirming them by pressing the Alipay button. The POS terminal automatically generates a QR code, which you now only need to scan with the Alipay app open on your smartphone to complete the payment. 



Your customers thank you

Alipay therefore provides you with a simple opportunity to increase the satisfaction of customers from the Far East, which also potentially has a positive impact on your business and sales. Since the Alipay app can also be used as a marketing channel, it opens up further promising revenue opportunities. Whether it's a simple reference to the possibility of Alipay payment in your own store or campaign-related push messages to selected users of the app - the Chinese payment platform is also a valuable support in generating potential new customers from China.

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