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Concardis offers card readers that are used anywhere that payments need to be made. Every payment process is possible at every point of sale – conveniently, simply and quickly. Together with you, we will configure your card terminals so that you can offer precisely those payment methods which are advantageous for your business. Choose the terminal that best meets your needs – be it a card terminal for the cash till, a handheld card reader or a mobile device for accepting payments while on the go.


Overview of Our Card Readers

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What are the advantages of EC card readers?

Cashless payment is becoming increasingly popular. In 2020, for example, around half of customers paid by card instead of cash. They appreciate having a wide choice of payment methods at their disposal. This means they can shop without money in their wallets and don't have to rummage around for coins or bills. What's more, they can store in the store without being tied to a cash limit. But the card payment option also offers some advantages for the store itself:

  • It increases customer satisfaction and sales at the same time
  • Less change is needed in the cash register, which also increases security in the store
  • It is more hygienic, as no more coins and bills go from hand to hand


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What EC card readers are available?

EC card readers are available as stationary models or as mobile card readers. Which product is the right one depends above all on the location of the device. Should the EC card reader always be in the same place and can therefore also be connected by cable, or should the EC card reader be used as a mobile device?

Mobile card readers offer the following advantages:

Mobile card readers are suitable for businesses and services where payment can take place on the move, for example at a trade fair stand, in a cab or at a table in a restaurant. These devices work either with WLAN, Bluetooth or sim card. The latest models also offer the option of connecting to a smartphone or tablet. Since they run either via WLAN or the cell phone network, a secure connection is always guaranteed.

  • Ideal for delivery services, cab drivers and craftsmen
  • Flexible and mobile use
  • Not bound to one location
  • Powerful battery
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Stationary EC card readers offer the following advantages:

A stationary EC card reader can only be used at a fixed location. These models are mainly found in stores with a fixed cash register. The devices can be integrated in the housing of the POS system or connected to the POS system via cable. The connection is made either via two cables to the power supply and the Internet connection or via only one cable to the power supply. In this case, the connection to the Internet is made via the WLAN.

  • Ideal for delivery services, cab drivers and craftsmen
  • Flexible and mobile use
  • Not bound to one location
  • Powerful battery

How does an EC card reader work?

Payment at the EC card reader must be confirmed by the customer either by PIN or signature. The customer authorizes the store to debit the money from his account. Either the electronic direct debit procedure (ELV) is used for this or the account is debited directly. 

Many newer models also offer the option of contactless payment. This is where Near Field Communication (NFC) comes into play. Card payments can be confirmed without a PIN or signature, simply by holding the girocard (EC card) near the card reader. Usually, a limit of about 50 euros is set by the bank for this payment method. For larger sums, confirmation by PIN or signature is required.

Another option is to pay by smartphone. Various methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Ali Pay can be used here.

For the payment to be successful, the card reader must have an Internet connection via mobile data or WLAN. After payment, customers receive a paper receipt. There is also a possibility to send the receipt to the customer by mail.

Advantages and disadvantages of the individual payment methods at a glance:


Fast, as no account verification and low cost for the merchant.


Immediate payment and security for the merchant through account verification.


Customer friendly and fast.


The receipt with signature must be kept, the merchant receives the money only after a few days and the risk that account is not funded or card stolen.


Higher costs for the dealer.


Payments up to €50 simply go through. For higher sums, a pin or signature is required.

First class: services provided by Nexi

Competent customer service


Nexi customer service is here to help you. In case of technical and commercial problems you will be helped immediately. In case of any difficulties with your device, you have the possibility to exchange your card terminal.

Your sales in sight - anywhere, anytime

With Nexi, you can track your sales, transactions and payouts at any time from anywhere via app or portal. Individual analysis options about customer flows and sales development enable you to optimize your business.

Safe and reliable


Startup packages are ready for use in 24 hours. Your payouts are made daily. You have flexible contract terms. We will be happy to advise you on individual requirements and additional functions. Nexi ensures the smooth running of highly complex, encrypted data transfer.



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