Bezahllösungen für den stationären Handel
We are advancing digitization

Digitization of all processes

As part of the digitization of our internal processes, we have enhanced the layout of your card acceptance statement.

That is changing

In the future, you will receive your card acceptance statement in a refreshed and more user-friendly design. Please inform your accounting department about this update, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

New and improved card acceptance statement

Chane of invoice number

Other Important Information to Note


We are adjusting the cutoff time from midnight to 4 a.m. This allows you to book transactions for a longer period while still receiving direct payouts on the following day.

Standardization of Bank Statement Text

Almost all of our customers are already benefiting from the complimentary service of receiving all payment information on their bank statement. In compliance with new regulations and our commitment to further digitize our offerings, we are standardizing the format we provide. Here you will find details regarding the information transmitted in the reference field of your bank statement

Handling Chargebacks

We will discontinue chargeback communication via fax in the near future and instead offer it centrally through the Nexi Merchant Portal. Delivery by postal mail will still be possible if necessary. We recommend transitioning to centralized communication, which will reduce delivery times compared to postal mail and also benefit the environment by using digital channels. You can find general information about chargebacks here.

Manual subsequent booking

Our guidelines for manual subsequent bookings have been adjusted to ensure compliance with our policies and terms and conditions. Please note that selected services may not be available as a result of these changes. These adjustments only apply to very specific forms of booking. If you are affected, we will provide you with individual notification through our support team.

Deactivation of ESP Portal and Transition to Nexi Merchant Portal

To enhance user experience and streamline operations, we will be phasing out the ESP Portal and transitioning all users to the Nexi Merchant Portal. Registering with the Nexi Merchant Portal is essential for continued access and improved functionalities.

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