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Mobile card readers from Nexi

How often does it happen that your customer doesn’t have enough cash with them? How about offering your customers the ability to make card payments? Now you can with our card readers! They are handy and compact, and they’re available with various connection options – as a rental device with integrated SIM card or as a small purchased device for your pocket. Nexi offers you the right mobile terminal for card payments.

What is a mobile card reader?

If your point of sale (POS) constantly changes locations, then a card reader for on the go – including a SIM card, thus enabling an Internet connection via mobile network – is worth the price. Taxi drivers, delivery services and tradespeople, as well as food truck and exhibition stand operators, can benefit from this, for instance.

Funktionen eines mobilen Kartenlesegeräts

How does a mobile device work?

Mobile card readers receive their power supply via a powerful rechargeable battery. Some mobile terminals can also be connected to a tablet or smartphone. The customer confirms payment either by PIN, signature or with the aid of near field communication (NFC). With the latter, all that is needed is to hold the EC card near the terminal; input is no longer necessary. The mobile card reader works via WLAN, Bluetooth or with a SIM card.

Practical POS functions


Mobile card readers with a Bluetooth function establish a connection to the power and telephone connection in the base station in this way. These mobile card readers can also be used if no WLAN network or only an unstable one is available. The Internet connection is then simply established via LAN cable in the base station. The disadvantage with this type of connection is that the terminals only work within a radius of around 20 to 30 meters.


Mobile terminals with WLAN function are ideal if a stable WLAN connection is possible in the store. After the initial setup, the terminal connects to the network. Mobile card readers with an integrated WLAN module or SIM card are also available. In this case, a connection can also be established via the mobile network. The mobile EC device automatically selects the best reception option. This ensures that the terminal always has a stable connection.

SIM card

A mobile card reader with an integrated SIM card is the best choice, especially for mobile businesses such as food trucks or stands at markets and trade fairs. Even if only an unstable WLAN connection is possible on site, mobile card readers are a good choice. The terminal has no base station, but connects to the mobile network via the SIM card. It is important here that the region in which the EC device is to be used also has sufficient network coverage. It is therefore advisable to obtain more detailed information in advance.

Connection via smartphone or tablet

Some mobile card readers are actually just that - a card reader. To operate and process the payment transaction, the terminal needs to be connected to a smartphone or tablet. This is usually done via Bluetooth. Cashless payments can then be made via an app on the terminal. The card reader itself operates via WLAN or the mobile network.

Card payment via mobile terminals:
What are the advantages?

Nowadays, customers expect a wide choice of payment methods. If a store offers cashless payment, this increases customer satisfaction. Card payment via a mobile card readers offers another range of advantages:

  • Flexible: Payments do not have to be made at a fixed location, but can also be made on the move.
  • More revenue: Customers are not bound to a cash limit and are more likely to make impulse purchases.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: The choice of several payment methods increases customer service and thus also customer satisfaction.
  • Contactless: Most mobile EC devices have what is known as near-field communication, so payment can be made without a signature or PIN simply by holding the card up to the terminal.
  • Tip function: Some mobile EC devices have an integrated tip function, which allows the tip to be integrated directly into the payment process.
  • Integrated printer or receipt via QR code: Many mobile card readers are equipped with a printer; alternatively, some terminals also offer the option of scanning the receipt via QR code or sending it via PDF.

Buy or rent mobile POS from Nexi

Nexi has a whole range of different EC card readers on offer. You can choose whether you want to buy or rent the mobile EC device for your business. Which of these options is the right choice depends on how intensively you want to use your card reader. If the card payment generates a maximum turnover of 2,000 euros per month, buying a mobile EC device is the better option. If the monthly turnover is higher, renting a card reader pays off.

Nexi offers a variety of mobile EC devices either for purchase or for rent. 

To purchase an EC device for mobile card payments, the "Pay as you Go" package is an option: This includes the A77 terminal. Costs for initial setup and transaction fees are not included in this offer. 

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