Stationäre Kartenlesegeräte
Stationary card readers

Terminals for your cash registers or counters

Stationary card readers:
Versatile and contactless.

Stationary card readers from Nexi

For all customers who have fixed checkout locations, our stationary card readers are suitable. With all our terminals, you accept all credit card and Girocard payments. Likewise, all devices have an integrated contactless reader and can thus process payments via Apple or Google Pay and other contactless options.

Stationäres Kartenlesegerät - Desk 5000

What are stationary card readers?

These standard card readers are connected to the cash till system by cable. The data transmission is carried out via the telephone or Internet connection. Fixed card readers feature all the basic functions that you need to offer a cashless payment method. These functions include, for example, an integrated thermal printer for receipts on which you can print customised advertisements.

Nowadays, customers expect a wide choice of payment methods. If a store offers cashless payment, this increases customer satisfaction. Card payment via a mobile EC device offers another range of advantages.

Our stationary card readers

Desk 5000

Nexi Desk POS

Base Next

Nexi Desk POS

Pad Next

Nexi Integrated POS

Lane 5000

Nexi Integrated POS


Nowadays, no store counter should be without a card reader for cashless payment. Whether you should rent or buy one depends on how intensively you want to use your card reader - it's best to consult an expert. For direct purchasers, the "Pay as you Go" package is an option: This includes the A77 terminal. Costs for initial setup and transaction fees are not included in this offer. Nexi offers this package for a one-time price of 159 euros.



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