November 10th 2021

Embracing Digitalization: Fully Integrated Payment Solutions for Hotels

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The hospitality magazine has published an article by Jarno-Alexander Stuth, Vice President Large & Key Accounts Hospitality at Nexi.

The smoother the processes of reservation, deposits, check-in, booking of services, and check-out run in hotels, the more seamless they are for the guest. And the more they can enjoy their stay. Moreover, many guests now expect digitized and interconnected processes both offline and online. This offers numerous opportunities for hoteliers.

For hoteliers, leveraging digitalization primarily means automating all processes to seamlessly integrate across various systems. Property Management Systems (PMS) provide exactly that: the integration of all hotel-related processes - with fully integrated interfaces including payment via a solution like the Nexi Payment Gateway.

If, for example, a deposit is made during an online booking, all guest data is already captured in the system and can be correctly assigned. When the guest pays the remaining amount plus any additional services at check-out, everything can be conveniently paid for, for instance, by credit card. Compatible with leading PMS systems such as Oracle, SIHOT, Protel, Infor, or Chapp, the Nexi Payment Gateway can be used in both large and small establishments, as well as with established solutions.

Completely Contactless: Check-In and Check-Out

Now more important than ever in the current climate: Thanks to fully digitalized processes with our partners, completely contactless check-ins and check-outs can be facilitated. What may still sound like future technology to some is now a gladly accepted routine in many renowned hotels.

Integrated into the online booking system, reservations, deposits, and bookings can be processed seamlessly, as well as on-site offerings, all within the same system. Both reservations and revenues are consolidated within one system. The fully integrated interface makes many tasks easier for both guests and especially for hoteliers themselves. By transferring reference numbers between different systems, manual reconciliation of documents is eliminated. Additionally, it speeds up subsequent processes in financial accounting and, most importantly, eliminates errors.

However, through process automation, not only are operations streamlined, saving time and money, but it also maximizes security - particularly regarding data protection. With standard tokenization, hoteliers and other systems no longer come into contact with sensitive payment data.

Specialized Solutions for the Needs of Hoteliers

The requirements of hotels differ from most other industries. Advance bookings with payment data for security are rare elsewhere, as are the variety of services and additional offerings that can be booked and paid for at various times. Breakfast, wellness services, bike rentals, minibar, or room service - the overnight stay is just one of many revenue drivers for hoteliers. Solutions must be equally flexible and tailored to these needs. Otherwise, either the hotel operator faces additional workloads, or the guest is annoyed and their customer journey is affected because they are constantly interacting with the hotel's processes. The more invisible these processes are, the greater the chance that the guest will feel completely comfortable.

It is important to address the diverse needs, particularly of international guests. The Nexi Payment Gateway accepts all major payment methods online and offline, including the Girocard and international credit card brands - including the cost-effective direct debit method CLV+. Special payment methods for guests from abroad - such as the popular solution Alipay in Asia - can also be integrated. For smooth operations within the hotel itself, there is the "PAD Next" payment terminal, which can be easily integrated into the existing network. With a touch display and integrated front camera for reading QR and barcodes for specific payment methods, the card reader is suitable for use at the counter as well as in the hotel restaurant.

Especially for guests from countries with different currencies, the DCC service is helpful: Upon request, the guest can choose the amount directly in their home currency using intuitive flag symbols, allowing them to pay in their familiar currency without having to calculate in their head.

Determining the right payment solutions and services for each hotel primarily depends on the target audience, that is, the guests. A thorough and comprehensive consultation brings clarity and focus in this regard.

Payment in hotels has evolved beyond mere checkout transactions. Integrated systems enable guests to enjoy their stay seamlessly, allowing hotels to focus on making their experience as enjoyable as possible. The complete article was published on November 10, 2021, in the Hospitality Magazine.

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