Nexi Lastschriftverfahren Plus
Direct debit with payment guarantee

Nexi CLV+

Nexi's direct debit procedure offers convenience, security and favourable conditions for merchants. It enables contactless payments and much more.

Direct debit plus from Nexi

The secure direct-debit system from Nexi stands for maximum security
in payment transactions while also optimising costs. The plus unites the classic
direct-debit payment with receivables purchase.

The secure direct debit procedure

CLV+ enables the risk-free acceptance of direct-debit payments. Chargebacks, for example due to insufficient funds in the cardholder’s account, are processed professionally and reliably by Nexi. Nexi assumes responsibility for the processes concerning risk and receivables management. Additionally, merchants benefit from very low item prices thanks to our central clearing.

The purchaser confirms the purchase with their signature. Receipts signed by cardholders are supposed to be saved for at least four months to enable us, in the event of a chargeback, to determine the cardholder address.

With Nexi digital document management, archiving receipts has become significantly easier, with the option of electronically archiving and managing merchant receipts.
To this end, the signature is captured on the
display of the terminal, inserted digitally on the merchant’s receipt and then saved as part of the electronic receipt archive. If needed, the receipts can be viewed in the web portal.
The processing of direct-debit payments is subject to strict framework conditions with
regard to data protection regulations. In addition to a notice for the information of the cardholder, the use of an approved directdebit text is required. 

How it works:

(contactless) Payment

The cardholder pays with his card on the terminal.
kontaktlose Zahlung

Payment authorisation

CLV+ Intelligence evaluates each transaction and automatically controls whether the cardholder confirms the payment by signature or PIN. This automated control is also GDPR-compliant.

Full receipt of payment

You will always receive 100% of the full amount. In the event of non-payment, we take over the entire processing.
Voller Zahlungseingang

Unlock Your benefits

  • No payment defaults due to reclaims
  • Nexi takes over risk and receivables management
  • Cost-effective alternative to the EC procedure with PIN entry
  • Fast, simple and customer-friendly processing at the POS
  • No investment in new hardware necessary


What you need to consider:

CLV+ Reiceipt text

The processing of direct debit payments is subject to strict data protection regulations. In addition to a notice to inform cardholders, the use of a harmonised SEPA direct debit text is mandatory. When using CLV+, only this text * (see below in the FAQ) may be used. The receipt text is already printed on the back of the corresponding CLV+ receipt rolls, which we provide to you free of charge once when you purchase the product, and is stored electronically in conjunction with the digital receipt management system.

Retention period of the document

The cardholder confirms the purchase with his/her signature. The signed receipt must be kept for at least four months. In the event of a chargeback, we must request this from you. However, you can simplify receipt management considerably. Digital receipt management offers you the option of electronic archiving and management of merchant receipts and is therefore ideally suited in conjunction with CLV+.

Digitale Belegmanagement


Find out everything you need to know about Nexi's secure SEPA direct debit scheme at a glance. We explain the most important points.

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