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Added value without VAT

Tax Free - More service for international customers

Benefit from discounted shopping without any additional effort. Receive tax-free refunds in Germany and use Nexi's tax-free function.

Tax Free function from Nexi

The total volume for tax-free shopping in Europe is estimated at 52 billion euros for 2017. In 2018 alone, the number of overnight stays by Chinese guests in Germany exceeded three million. Take advantage of this and enable your foreign customers with Nexi's Tax Free feature. Discounted shopping - without any additional effort for you.

What does tax free mean?

Non-EU residents have the opportunity to enjoy duty-free shopping in Germany. To do so, it's essential for them to provide proof of residency to the seller, typically with a valid identification document such as a passport or identity card. Within three months of purchase, the goods must be transported in personal luggage for them to qualify for duty-free status. This threshold value has been in effect since January 1, 2020.

How does Tax Free work?

First, the customer purchases goods worth more than 50 euros in Germany - VAT is still included. A tax-free form is issued at the point of sale, which the customer has validated by a customs officer when leaving the country.

There are various options for repaying the VAT: The seller can transfer the amount to the buyer after receiving the proof of export. Or he can work with a service company that does this work for him: It pays the tax back to the customer after receiving the receipts and then has it refunded by the seller.

The Advantages of Tax-Free Shopping

Tax-free shopping is not just an additional service, but a real added value for your customers:

Mehr Umsatz

INCREASED REVENUESatisfied customers and increased sales due to additional purchasing incentives


CUSTOMER-ORIENTEDImproved service for your foreign customers


Easy to use and faster processing at the point of sale

Alles aus einer Hand

SIMPLE Everything from a single source - you only have one contractual relationship with Nexi

Extra tip: Together with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) - automatic currency conversion - you can offer your international customers the best service. During the payment process, shoppers can choose whether they want to pay in euros or at the current exchange rate in their home currency.

We have also summarized all the important information on Tax Free shopping for you in our factsheet. You can find relevant documents to download in our Download Center.

The Tax Free Function of Nexi

With Nexi, facilitating Tax Free Shopping becomes seamless for both you and your international clientele. During the card payment process, our system automatically identifies customers residing outside the EU. Additionally, the payment terminal prints a Tax Free form alongside the purchase receipt. This form allows buyers to obtain a customs stamp upon leaving the EU, facilitating reimbursement of the amount through our Tax Free provider.

Thanks to the Nexi Tax Free feature, the Tax Free form is generated automatically during the payment process, regardless of whether it's a cash or credit card transaction. This significantly reduces the manual effort needed to complete the Tax Free forms, leading to a faster and more streamlined process at the point of sale. You can easily add the Nexi Tax Free function as an optional feature to your card reader, and choose from one of the following Tax Free providers.

Global Blue Tax Free

Global Blue Tax Free

Global Blue works with 270,000 retailers and shopping brands in over 40 countries worldwide. Global Blue has been technically set up with us since 2007. The customer receives the Tax Free form from Global Blue when purchasing the goods, which they can then either send back to Global Blue stamped by customs or submit to a Global Blue Refund Office. The customer then receives a refund of the VAT paid.

Planet Tax Free

Planet Tax Free

Planet (formerly Premier Tax Free) is a key partner for significant regional and international retailers with 20 years of experience in Tax Free Shopping. Here, too, the customer receives the Tax Free Form at the point of sale, along with a pre-paid envelope addressed to Planet. Upon validation of the form by customs, the customer can send it in to receive their refund.

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