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Less account maintenance fees, more overview

Nexi AccountPlus Classic

Minimize your expenses and operational efficiency by consolidating card payment fees.

Your Nexi AccountPlus with more overview and lower transaction fees for merchants

If you operate a Nexi terminal that processes transactions on a daily basis, fees can accumulate. With AccountPlus Classic, you can optimize these costs at the interface with your local bank! AccountPlus Classic minimizes expenses and enhances operational efficiency by consolidating payment transactions upstream and crediting them in a bundle.

Optimize Your Cost Structure - Reduce Your Fees on Card Payments

AccountPlus Classic consolidates the cash transactions of all Nexi terminals belonging to an account together and credits them in one sum.

The following transactions can be summarized:

  • Girocard/Electronic cash
  • Electronic Direct Debit Scheme (not available for all terminal types)

A valuable side effect: AccountPlus Classic also reduces the workload of your accounting department through pre-processing. The more payment transactions you carry out, the greater the savings. If you operate a Nexi terminal, no investments in new devices or other changes to your systems are necessary.


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