November 14th 2021

"Schöne Auswahl" Butchery - Card Payment is Part of Customer Service

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

At "Schöne Auswahl" Butchery in Hattersheim am Main, since its establishment in 2019, the name speaks for itself. Owner Manuela Schöne and her team take the time to select the offered goods with the utmost care: highest quality meats from local producers, trusted suppliers for deli meats and cheeses. Additionally, baked goods and gift baskets complement the selection.

Card payment is a service for customers

Both the selection and service quality at this butcher shop are excellent. Customers appreciate the outstanding offerings and feel well taken care of. Many of the regular customers are greeted personally by name, and the team devotes its full attention to providing individual customer advice. For those in a hurry, orders can be placed at any time for pickup and payment without waiting.

"Schöne Auswahl" Butchery sets an example of how a small business with a personal touch can win over customers. "Here, we aim to fulfill wishes," states the owner. Therefore, service and quality are paramount.

Payment is processed without the sales staff coming into contact with cash or cards: either at the cash machines for cash payments or cashlessly at the Concardis terminals.

This service also applies to small purchases like a quick coffee. Because card payment at "Schöne Auswahl" Butchery is nothing less than another service offering.

"There are no upper or lower limits on the amount that can be paid with a card."

Manuela Schöne, owner of "Schöne Auswahl".

How small (specialist) stores stand out from the competition and become successful:

The key to success and providing the best service in small businesses lies in taking more time for customers and their needs, while utilizing cutting-edge technology to automate and streamline the payment process, making it as convenient as possible for customers.

The owner of "Schöne Auswahl" Butchery wants customers to feel well taken care of in her store. She desires the same level of service from her suppliers and service providers - including in terms of payment. Accordingly, choosing Nexi as the card payment service provider was a logical step. In addition to the fair offering, the excellent service provided during the setup of the card terminal confirmed this "feeling of being in good hands".

"I can easily recommend Nexi to anyone. They provide great service. If there's an issue, you can call them and they'll help."

Manuela Schöne, owner of  "Schöne Auswahl"

If you wish to provide your customers with card payment service, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer for your new card reader device in a complete package with card acceptance. You can configure your payment package according to the needs of your customers, as you know them best.

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