Bezahllösungen für den stationären Handel
We drive digitization forward

Digitalization of all processes

As part of the digitization of our internal processes, we have improved the layout of your card acceptance statement. 

This is changing

You will receive the layout of your card acceptance statement in a fresher and clearer design in the future. Inform your accounting department about this change and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

New improved card acceptance statement (Statement)

Change of invoice number

What else you need to know

Cutoff time

We adjust the cutoff time from midnight to 4am. This allows you to book longer sales and still get paid directly the following day.

Standardization of the bank statement text

Almost all of our customers already use the free service and receive all payment info on the account statement. Due to new regulations and our efforts to further digitalize our service, we are standardizing our offered format. Here you will find details about the information that is transmitted in the purpose of your account statement.

Chargeback Handling

We will discontinue chargeback communication via fax in the near future and offer it centrally via the Nexi Merchant portal in the future. Delivery by mail will still be possible, if necessary. We recommend switching to centralized communication. This reduces the delivery time compared to mailing and the environment is also helped in the digital way. Basic information on chargebacks can be found here.

Manual reposting

Our guidelines on manual follow-up bookings have been adjusted. Rebookings must always comply with our compliance guidelines and our terms and conditions. Selected services may therefore not be offered. The adjustments only affect very specific forms of booking. If you are affected, we will inform you separately via our support.

Shutdown ESP Portal and move to Nexi Merchant Portal

In order to standardize and, above all, simplify portal use, we will deactivate the ESP portal for our users. A changeover and registration within the Nexi portal is mandatory for this.

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