Deletion of authorizations

An authorization is an amount reserved on your customer’s account. Our platform allows you to delete an authorization yourself, so your customers have access to all their available funds on their bank account.

Go through the following steps if you want to delete an authorization

1. Open the webform:

2. Type in contact information: Company name, contact name, e-mail address, phone number and VAT number

3. Choose the number of deletion of authorizations

  • If you want to delete one authorization:

Type in authorization information: VP number, date of authorization, time of authorization, last four digits in card number, authorization code, amount, currency, and card type

  • If you want to delete several authorizations:

Download the Excel sheet (within the webform) and fill out the document with information of the authorizations and attach the document

4. Click on “Submit” to send the request

5. Shortly after you will receive a confirmation email

Webform guidance

With missing or non-matching data, we are not able to match the authorization and the funds will remain outstanding. No other documents than the Excel sheet within the webform can be attached and you cannot change the format. 

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