January 31st 2022

Cancel Card Payment

Errors when entering the payment? No problem! It is so easy to cancel a card payment (formerly EC card payment) at our terminals in the event of an input error.

Errors are part of the stressful business life of every merchant. However, the input errors made by you or your customers can fortunately be corrected on our card readers. And without any special effort, because our card readers have additional functions. Once you have executed the corresponding function on your card terminal (formerly EC terminal), you can easily and quickly cancel any card payment.

Cancellation (or reversal) refers to the process of reversing a transaction or contract. In electronic payment systems, cancellation is typically associated with debit card payments (formerly known as EC card). Cancelling card payments becomes necessary – for instance, in cases of input errors at the card terminal. It is also common for customers to insert the wrong card or opt for cash payment instead. You can cancel any card payments made after the last cash register closure or report with deletion. Follow the steps listed below to ensure a successful cancellation.

If you wish to cancel a card payment made with a Girocard (formerly: EC card), please proceed as follows:

  1. Press the down arrow button until you reach the "Cancel" menu item.
  2. Confirm your input by pressing the OK button.
  3. Now enter the password you set up after delivery and confirm with the OK button.
  4. If you only wish to cancel the last payment receipt, you must confirm the displayed trace number. For cancelling an older payment receipt, press the Clear button to delete the preset trace number and enter the desired trace number.
  5. Insert the card into the terminal to proceed with the cancellation. Wait for a few seconds until the confirmation "Receipt Cancelled" appears on the screen and two receipts are printed.

Our tip: The "Cancellation" function is only available for payments that have not yet been transmitted via cash register closure.

For further inquiries on this topic or any other concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone. We're here to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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