September 11th 2021

How can sales in the online store be increased through a simple check-out?

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

Approximately 24 percent of Germans report that they abandon online purchases if the checkout process is too complicated. The main reasons for abandonment include not only high prices but also technical issues in the checkout process or unclear steps in the checkout. We assist you in simplifying your checkout process and converting visitors into buyers.

According to the Nets E-Com Report for 2020, one in four Germans say they would spend more money in online stores if they didn't have to fill out cumbersome forms and enter card details. This is a clear sign that Germans today have more confidence in payment solutions than ever before - and that they place more value on efficiency when shopping.

Do you allow your customers to save their card details in your payment solution? 

In online commerce, it is becoming increasingly important to give customers the option to save their card details in the payment solution so that they do not have to enter the same information multiple times. Almost everyone has saved their card details in an online store at some point, and according to Nets' annual E-Com Report, even older consumers are becoming more familiar with pressing 'save details'. 

Increased trust in payment solutions  

Credit cards, purchase on account, e-wallets and direct debit are the preferred payment methods in Germany. With these four payment methods, you can cover 83% of the market. When selecting payment methods, it is important that you make sure you offer the payment methods that are relevant to your customers and your industry. Purchase on account, for example, is very suitable for larger shopping baskets - but would be rather uninteresting for recurring payments such as subscriptions. 

Fast and easy payments are more important today than ever before  

Providing an efficient and good shopping experience plays an important role in the battle for customers, and this trend is likely to intensify in the coming years.

Seamless checkout processes for returning customers and a few steps for new customers are becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive with your own webshop. More and more consumers prefer to pay by mobile and payment apps have gained a whole new audience during the pandemic.

Would you like an intelligent check-out in your webshop that remembers your returning customers? 

An uncomplicated checkout with just a few steps to the purchase will increase sales in your online store. This has been proven by research and results from online stores that have introduced a smarter, simpler checkout process. Paying in a webshop should be just as easy as in a physical store, if not easier. 

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