January 12th 2020

Apple Pay is here

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

Finally, Apple Pay has arrived in Germany. Our customers can now accept mobile payments using their smartphones.

Mobile payment, also paying with your smartphone, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. After all, most of us have our phones with us all the time. It's even more convenient that you can now pay on the go – either with Apple Pay or other payment methods already introduced in Germany, such as Google Pay.

The good news for Nexi customers: They can immediately offer the new methods to their own customers - with no effort and no additional costs!

Every merchant with an NFC-enabled terminal and credit card acceptance from Nexi meets all the requirements to process mobile payments.

The consumer only needs to hold their smartphone close to the terminal and authenticate themselves using fingerprint or face recognition to trigger the payment transaction – simple, fast, and secure. This provides the highest level of payment convenience.

Further important information about Mobile Payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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