July 18th 2023

Nexi and Shopware Enter into a Strategic Partnership

Nexi und Shopware gehen strategische Partnerschaft ein
  • Platinum Partnership with Shopware Enhances Payment Options for B2B Merchants Targeting Selected Industries in Rapidly Growing European E-commerce Markets
  • Selected Industries in High-Growth European E-commerce Markets


Eschborn, July 18, 2023 – Nexi, one of the leading European PayTech companies and the leading German provider of e-commerce software solutions, Shopware, are expanding their collaboration and entering into a joint Platinum partnership in Europe.

This partnership marks another significant milestone for Nexi in establishing a compelling European-wide partner program, which complements its extensive ecosystem with local partners. Nexi is assisting Shopware in strengthening its market position in the DACH region while also expanding its presence in Italy and Southern Europe.

"Shopware is committed to disrupting the e-commerce industry. Our primary goal is to develop innovative solutions for our customers and provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. B2B commerce, in particular, has gained significant importance for us in recent years, and through the partnership with Nexi, we can offer an even more attractive solution for B2B merchants," says Stefan Hamann, Co-CEO of Shopware.

The partnership will enable Nexi to better meet the needs of B2B merchants and specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, retail, and furniture retail, helping them to explore new business opportunities. Additionally, the partnership facilitates an Omni-Commerce solution that goes beyond traditional e-commerce.

"We are excited about the partnership with Shopware, a recognized innovation leader with genuine expertise in enhancing B2B e-commerce. Based in Germany, Shopware is rapidly expanding across Europe. Our payment solutions and local presence will assist Shopware in further expanding their business and offering a wide range of local payment methods," says Omar Haque, Head of Group E-Commerce at Nexi.

The integration of Nexi gateways with Shopware solutions creates mutual benefits for both partners, facilitating seamless system integration and ensuring a faster and smoother activation process for merchants.

Nexi continues to invest in strategic partnerships with major e-commerce platforms to shape and define the future of payments in Europe. This aligns with its goal of advancing the transition to a cashless Europe by making digital payments easier, faster, and more secure for everyone.

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