May 6th 2020

Innovative Payment: Enhanced Security with Payment Links

Bargeldloses Bezahlen

Since 2013, the boutique hotel i31 in Berlin has been hosting guests from all over the world. From the outset, the boutique hotel has relied on Concardis for cashless payments. To make payment processes even easier and more secure in the future, the 4-star superior hotel has recently adopted the innovative Payengine Paylink by Concardis - the payment link that enables fast and convenient online payments without the need for a website or online shop.

You can read about how payment via link works and the experiences of Boutique Hotel i31 with it in our interview with hotel director Zeèv Rosenberg.

Nexi: Mr. Rosenberg, since 2013 Boutique Hotel i31 has been in Berlin. What sets your hotel apart?

Zeèv Rosenberg: Boutique Hotel i31 is an individual, beautiful hotel with 121 rooms, which is just the right size. We have a great location - right in the heart of Berlin - and offer a high standard. The well-being of our guests is always our top priority.

Nexi: What requirements does the hotel industry have for innovative payment solutions?

Zeèv Rosenberg: For us, it's important that payment processes are fast and secure – benefiting both the guest and us. From reservation to check-out, everything should be as simple and seamless as possible. Following the motto "Keep it short and simple". We particularly value maintaining security: It often happens that guests claim not to have stayed on-site after a night, demanding refunds they aren't entitled to – a challenge the hotel industry frequently faces and one of our biggest concerns. To enhance security in this regard, we've been using Concardis' Paylink since the beginning of the year.

Nexi: How does the Paylink support you in your daily hotel operations?

Zeèv Rosenberg: Thanks to the Paylink, we know immediately after a booking that we will receive the payment securely and irreversibly – this greatly simplifies our operational workflow. We no longer need to follow up with guests to confirm the validity of their credit card, nor do we have to manually enter card details. Using the Paylink is straightforward for both us and our guests: the guest books a room over the phone or directly through our website. Subsequently, they receive an email from us containing a link. By clicking the link, they access a personalized payment page where they can review booking details and enter their payment information, similar to an online shop. Afterward, both the guest and we automatically receive a booking confirmation via email, and the stay is paid for without our staff having contact with the guest's sensitive card data. We only receive the data in encrypted form, enhancing security for both parties. The process is just right for us, and we've noticed that our guests also appreciate the Paylink. We now handle approximately 60 to 65 percent of our direct booking inquiries using Nexi's Paylink.

Nxei: What do you attach particular importance to when choosing your payment service provider?

Zeèv Rosenberg: It is crucial that we can rely on our payment service provider. Concardis provides us with excellent customer support – our contact persons are always attentive to our concerns and assist us promptly. Above all, we appreciate the transparent communication. It was important for us to communicate from the outset what we truly need and what matters to us in terms of payment solutions. Concardis has accommodated our needs and provided us with the right offer.

For any further inquiries regarding this matter or for assistance with any other concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone. We are available to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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